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Dominic Williams

Skipper (RYA Yachtmaster Offshore Sail) and cruising instructor (French sailing federation)

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I work for private yacht owners or boatbuilders needing a boat delivered anywhere in the world. I am focused on safety, avoiding unnecessary wear on the boat, and cleanliness. I can accompany yacht owners who wish to undertake an unusually long or difficult journey or are short-handed, or provide my own crew adapted to the length of the trip.


Planning a nice sailing holiday with family or friends? Why not let me take the pressure off and let you enjoy yourself! As an experienced sailing instructor I will be happy to let you take part in as much of the sailing and planning as you like and help you learn along the way, but I can help plan safer and more interesting journeys and ensure everyone can relax in the knowledge that a professional is on board for navigation, boat handling and port manoeuvres.

Private boat captain

Looking for an experienced, bilingual, trustworthy permanent captain for your boat? With past experience as a manager and entrepreneur I am used to dealing with hiring, subcontracting and supervising. I have owned several of my own boats and am used to taking care of them. I will bring the boat to any part of the world where you would like it and have it ready for you to enjoy.


I will shortly be trained as an RYA cruising instructor, but in the meantime, if your sailing school operates in a country that accepts the French sailing federation's instructor's qualification (CQP-AMV), I am a highly experienced sailing instructor (cruising and dinghy sailing) with a passion for teaching.

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